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Mom’s home cooking has a taste that brings back memories of good times with family, and there is no better spice than that.

From our menu

Random Dishes

  • $14.50

    22 | Ga Rhee Gai Popular

    Tender chicken breast, potato, white onions and tomatoes in yellow curry sauce.

  • $21.50

    14 | Yum Talay

    Grilled shrimp, scallop, and squid tossed in spicy lime with a touch of ginger.

  • $7.95

    1 | Satay

    Grilled marinated chicken on a stick served with peanut sauce.

  • $13.50

    18 | Pad Khing Popular

    A choice of chicken or pork sautéed in light fresh ginger sauce with vegetables.

  • $13.50

    16 | Prew When

    A choice of chicken or pork sautéed in sweet and sour sauce with vegetables.

  • $1.95/$3.00

    40 | Koa Hoam Ma Li

    • steamed rice - $1.95
    • multi-grain rice berry and brown rice - $3.00